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Limited/Excluded Hazardous Cargo

Class / UN#

General Commodity


1 – All UN# Explosives
2.3 – All UN# Poisoned Gas
4.1 – All UN# See Note A
4.2 – All UN# Spontaneous Combustible
4.3 – All UN# See Note A
5.1 – All UN# See Note A
5.2 – All UN# Organic Peroxides
6.1 – All UN# See Note B
6.2 – All UN# Infectious Substances
7 – All UN# Radioactive Material

Note A

Get all booking details from the customer, scan to gateway office and the overseas agent for approval, Determine whether all CFS stations can handle this freight. Only, if all are okay accept booking and give customer a booking #.

Note B

Determine, whether the cargo will move by RAIL from an Inland point to a C.T.I Gateway, I.e. HOU-MIA, ATL-LAX, CHX-JER, LAX-JER, CSC-LAX. If the answer is yes, get the booking details & Haz Dec from the customer and forward to the inland office, which will repo the freight by rail to the gateway and get their approval. Accept the booking only if you get approval. Reason: The railroad companies do reject certain 6.1 shipments.